Implements a callable object from an array of data that can be extended to implement inline formatting.

Real Name

A real name users all lower case with underscores in place of spaces Example

$arr['my_real_name_here'] = 'foo';

All data array members must use this naming.

Camel Name

A camel name is generally used when calling functions Example

echo $this->getMyRealNameHere();

Both are used and generated in this class, so make sure they are properly provided and formatted.

There are helper functions that can be used below to convert names.


use \LSS\DataModel;

class MyDataModel extends DataModel {

    public function getFoo(){
        return ucwords($this->data['foo']);


$row = array('foo'=>'test','bar'=>'foo');

$obj = MyDataModel::_setup($row);
var_dump($obj->getFoo()); //outputs 'Test'
var_dump($obj->getBar()); //outputs 'foo'

var_dump($obj->getFoo()); //outputs 'Test2'


$this DataModel::_setup($arr)

Sets the data array to use and instantiates the object NOTE: should be single dimensional associative array, multidimensional arrays will be treated as a single dimensional array with array values

$this DataModel::_setData($arr)

Used to set data same as above but on an existing object

(array) DataModel::_getColumns($cols=array(),$flags=DataModel::KEYS_ASSOC)

Used to retrieve a specific set of columns $cols should be an array of column names (real_name) Accepts the same flags as _getAll()

(array) DataModel::_getAll($flags=DataModel::KEYS_ASSOC)

Returns an array similar to that used in _setData except all the values are passed through getters. Flags can be one of the following

  • DataModel::KEYS_ASSOC return will be an associative array
  • DataModel::KEYS_NUMERIC return will be a numeric array Example
$row = $obj->getAll();

(string) DataModel::_camelName($name,$prefix=null)

When passed a real_name it returns the camel name A prefix can be passed to get a usable function name Example

var_dump(DataModel::_camelName('my_name','get')); //outputs 'getMyName'
var_dump(DataModel::_camelName('my_name'); //outputs 'myName';

(string) DataModel::_realName($name,$prefix=null)

Used to obtain a real_name from a function name. Example

var_dump(DataModel::_realName('getMyName','get')); //outputs 'my_name'
var_dump(DataModel::_realName('myName')); //outputs 'my_name'
DescriptionImplements a callable object from an array of data that can be extended to implement inline formatting.